Alluvial Gold Dust and Gold Bars for Sale

Bucuresti - Ilfov / Bucharest | 2017-10-24 14:52:57

Alluvial Gold Dust and Gold Bars for Sale
We sell Gold Dore Bars,Nuggets,Gold Dust.We can supply you with up to 700kg every month.We own the minds and have all legal papers for our gold to be shipped internationally.Serious buyers and mandates are encourage to contact us to create a long lasting business relationship with us.

Our procedure is CIF

Commodity : Aurum Utallium(Au)
Form:Gold Dust / Bar
Purity : 99.99%
Quantity : from 10-700kgs or more per Month.
Carat : 24
Minimum Order : 10kgs
Inspection : Buyer's refinery
MANDATE Commission. ... Fee $2000
WHATSAPP... +32465565551

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